January 08, 2009


by: bellasboutique

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Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful. I added your store to my favs and will keep you in mind for gifts and maybe for me. :)

To package my jewerly, I use hinged tins (like for altoids) and cut printed card stock to fit within them. It makes for a nice presentation I think.

At first glance, before I read your product descriptions, I thought you might be selling something similar, only with those beautiful distressed papers and matching tin.

DesignsByTracy said...

i love these little tins. I am a lover of all things pink and brown. I believe i hotlisted this a few days ago on my artfire.

Jen said...

Pink and brown is my new favorite color combination :D It's just perfect, and my MIL loves tins of all kinds. This is beautiful!


Robin said...

This is a great idea! hate when my pics get all messed up!

Happy Cloud Moments said...

i have never heard of these before! very cool

Eryn said...

What a wonderful way to keep pictures! Another thing hotlisted :D


Barbra said...

What a terrific, innovative idea. I've never seen this before. Off to your shop to give you a ♥!

Deanna Dierks Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

I love how you made those tins so useful and pretty, great creativity!



Neckghetti said...

These are a fantastic way to store photos and they're beautiful to boot!


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